Resolving the Redirection Issue for Seamless Access to Public Domain – A Solution Guide


In today’s digital world, seamless access to web services is crucial for enhancing user experience and efficiency. However, technical challenges can arise, hindering smooth accessibility. In this article, we’ll address a specific problem faced by our team regarding the redirection issue of a public domain. We’ll explore the solution we adopted to overcome this problem and ensure users can access the public domain effortlessly. Let’s dive in!

The Problem

As a part of our project, we received a public domain URL,, from the Puma team. However, upon attempting to access the URL, we encountered a persistent issue where it redirected us to an IP address. This problem occurred consistently in both our production and test environments, causing inconvenience and confusion for users.

While it was possible to access the desired content by including the complete path, such as, this was not an optimal solution. We wanted to ensure that users could access the public domain without the need to remember the complete path, streamlining their experience.

The Solution

After careful analysis and exploration of potential fixes, we found two possible solutions to address the redirection issue. The first option was to use WebContextURL, and the second option was the ArcGIS Web Adaptor. For our specific scenario, we opted to utilize the ArcGIS Web Adaptor to resolve the problem.

1. ArcGIS Web Adaptor

The ArcGIS Web Adaptor is a powerful tool that enables seamless communication between ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. To implement this solution, follow the steps below:

a. Installation and Configuration

Begin by installing the ArcGIS Web Adaptor and configure it to work with your Portal for ArcGIS. Detailed instructions can be found in the documentation titled “About the ArcGIS Web Adaptor.” This process ensures that the Web Adaptor is ready to be used for seamless access to the public domain.

b. Accessing the Portal

Once the Web Adaptor is installed and properly configured, users can access the portal using the Web Adaptor’s URL. For instance, if your Web Adaptor’s URL is “,” users can directly reach the portal using this address, providing them with an easier and more user-friendly experience.

2. Configuring the Web Context URL

For those who choose not to utilize the ArcGIS Web Adaptor, the following steps outline an alternative solution using the Web Context URL:

a. Open portal admin Configuration Settings

Access the portaladmin configuration settings, where various properties of the portal can be configured.

b. Locate “WebContextURL” Property

Find the “WebContextURL” property within the configuration settings.

c. Set the “WebContextURL” Value

Set the value of “WebContextURL” to “” as shown below:

{ “WebContextURL”: “” }

By configuring the Web Context URL, the redirection issue should be resolved, ensuring that users can access the public domain directly without having to remember the complete path.


In conclusion, the redirection issue that impeded seamless access to our public domain,, has been successfully resolved. We presented two potential solutions, the ArcGIS Web Adaptor and Web Context URL configuration, and chose to implement the former in our case.

By incorporating the ArcGIS Web Adaptor into our system, we enabled users to access the public domain through a more user-friendly URL. This solution significantly improves user experience, eliminating the need for users to remember complicated paths. Alternatively, configuring the Web Context URL can serve as an effective solution for those who opt not to use the Web Adaptor.

With the redirection issue resolved, our project can now proceed smoothly, and users can enjoy effortless access to the public domain. We hope this article helps others facing similar challenges and showcases the power of effective problem-solving in the realm of web services.

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