Mayank Singh

Hello, I am Mayank Singh Kushwah Software Engineer. I am highly ambitious and enthusiastic towards My learning and career development. I am happy to tell you about my contribution in my field. I’m currently working on onprintshop. ⚡ Hobbies There are lot's of hobbies like Learning Something New, Listening music, Explore or observe things, Traveling, watching cricket, playing badminton so on. As my hobbies Like Learning Some thing new I things that's why I have some knowledge of variety of technologies like Android studio , java (core), c, c++, Salesforce, Server Acritude, Sub-version control (like Svn and GIT) and there tools like GitHub, GitLab, and bit bucket, I have also know about Docker and many more. Listening of music which help me to relax and Increase my Productivity. I would love to share my skills. I am a you-tuber, blogger, local guide in google map. I have got perks an d also have been selected thrice for Top local guides of city. Friends, I have knowledge about digital marketing such as how to work on Google my business, SEO, ad-sense, email marketing. I would love to share Something about me as I carry out any task assigned to me without hesitation, provided the instructions are clear. In the case of doubts, I never hesitate to put forth my questions. I have always been a fast learner, and I love to keep up my process of learning to figure out better ways of solving problems. Moreover, I love to compete with my own past performances than competing with my peers, as I believe that improvement is always better than perfection!”

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Building Your Own ChatGPT: A Cost-Effective Guide to Creating a Custom Chatbot

Overview The Chatbot Application powered by Langchain and Google Palm LLM is a versatile tool designed to enhance knowledge assistance within our organization. This powerful language model enables intelligent question-answering capabilities, making it a valuable asset for various applications. Key Applications 1. Website FAQ Page Our organization’s website FAQ page is an ideal location to…

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CasaOS A User-Friendly Web Hosting Solution for AWS EC2 Instances.

Introducing CasaOS: A User-Friendly Web Hosting Solution for Your AWS EC2 Instances

Introduction: In the fast-paced world of web hosting, finding a reliable and user-friendly solution to manage your AWS EC2 Instances can be a game-changer. Enter CasaOS – a cutting-edge platform that brings simplicity and efficiency to web hosting on the cloud. In this article, we’ll dive into the features and benefits of CasaOS and explore…

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Resolving the Redirection Issue for Seamless Access to Public Domain – A Solution Guide

Introduction In today’s digital world, seamless access to web services is crucial for enhancing user experience and efficiency. However, technical challenges can arise, hindering smooth accessibility. In this article, we’ll address a specific problem faced by our team regarding the redirection issue of a public domain. We’ll explore the solution we adopted to overcome this…

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