How to use Javascript to find AdBlockers. Having issues with AdBlockers and want to recoup the money you lost?

stop Adblocker using Javascript

This article will show you how to use Javascript to find AdBlockers. Having issues with AdBlockers and want to recoup some of the money you lost?

AdBlockers are a common problem for website owners and advertisers, as they can prevent ads from being displayed on a website and potentially reduce revenue. However, there are ways to detect if a user has an AdBlocker enabled and take action accordingly. In this article, we will show you how to use JavaScript to detect AdBlockers on your website.

To detect AdBlockers, we can use a JavaScript function that attempts to load an ad from a known ad server. If the ad does not load, it is likely that an AdBlocker is present. Here is an example of how this can be done:

function detectAdBlocker() {
  var ad = document.createElement('ins');
  ad.className = 'AdsByGoogle'; = 'block'; = '100%'; = '100%'; = '-100%'; = '-100%'; = 'absolute';

  setTimeout(function() {
    if (ad.offsetParent === null) {
      // AdBlocker is present
      alert("AdBlocker detected. Please disable AdBlocker to support this website.");
    } else {
      // AdBlocker is not present
      alert("No AdBlocker detected.");
  }, 100);

This function creates an ins element and appends it to the body of the page. The ins element is a type of HTML element used for inserting content into a web page. We then set a timeout function that will check if the ins element has an offset parent (meaning it is visible on the page). If the element does not have an offset parent, it is likely that an AdBlocker is present and is blocking the ad from being displayed.

To use this function, simply call it on your webpage. For example:


It’s important to note that this method is not foolproof and some AdBlockers may be able to bypass it. However, it can be a useful tool for detecting AdBlockers and taking action accordingly.

In conclusion, using JavaScript is a simple and effective way to detect AdBlockers on your website. While it may not work for all AdBlockers, it can still be a useful tool for website owners and advertisers looking to mitigate the effects of AdBlockers.

This is another method to detect ad blocker : –

  •  The code is a function that is called when the page loads.
  •  The code sets up an event listener for window onload and then calls setTimeout to delay the execution of the function by 2000 milliseconds.
  •  The first thing in this function is to check if there is an ad element with class “adsbygoogle” on the page.
  •  If it exists, then we know that AdBlock has been detected and we need to write some text telling them how to disable or add our website as an exception list so they can access all content properly.
  •  The code will place a red text on the screen when AdBlock is detected.
  •  The code will also make an alert box pop up with instructions on how to disable AdBlock or add our website to your exception list.

This Below Code paste in you file where you want to Detected adblocker is active or not ?

window.onload = function () {
  setTimeout(function () {
    var ad = document.querySelector('ins.adsbygoogle');
    if (ad == null) {
      document.write('<h1 style="color:red">Attention: AdBlock has been detected on your device. In order to fully access and enjoy all the features and content on our website, we recommend disabling AdBlock or adding our website to your AdBlock exception list. AdBlock can sometimes prevent important elements of our website from functioning properly.</h1><h2> Thank you for your cooperation and understanding</h2><h3>After Disabling AdBlock reload the page</h3>');
  }, 2000);
adblocker detected in javascript
Sample Output

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