c and C++ importance and career scope in CSE

C C++

Career Scope

C language is a stucture oriented programming language and its features were derived from an earlier language called “B” language.

C language is mother of all languages and to start learn something, we should know the basics first. So if we are aware of the technology we are going to learn, it becomes easy for us to catch things fast.

As you become a High School student, you can start learning ‘C’ Language or if you are smart enough than age is not a hurdle. If you are an IT student, it is not hard for you to learn C Language.

There is no short-cut to learn ‘C’ language quickly. One should dedicatedly study every aspect of it. ‘C’ language is not so tough to learn and it is so powerful language with many features like: Reliability, Portability, Flexibility, Interactivity, Modularity, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

C C++

1st Module: OverView & Environment
  1. » Introduction
  2. » Environment Setup
  3. » Syntax Overview
  4. » Types and declarations
2nd Module: Decision Making & Loop Types
  1. » Conditional Statement
  2. » Looping Controls
  3. » Operators
  4. » Practices Exercise
3rd Module: Data Collection
  1. » Arrays
  2. » Structures
  3. » Pointers
  4. » Practices Exercise
4th Module: Functions
  1. » Functions
  2. » Practices Exercise
5th Module: Classes
  1. » Classes & Objects
  2. » Inheritance
  3. » Operator overloading
  4. » Class Hierarchies and Abstract Classes
  5. » Practices Exercise

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