8 Cool Sites That Will Make Your Life Easier


Dictation.io ::

Dictation.io is the best way to get your words typed in real time. It’s fast, free, and easy to use.

Dictation.io is a platform that allows you to create a virtual assistant for your business. It can be used for dictating email messages, voice memos, recordings of meetings or phone calls, or even text messages.

You can send these files directly to your contacts or clients and have them transcribed verbatim into text. You can also use it to create a transcript of any audio file you have on your computer, so that you can listen back as needed.

Use dictation on your phone or tablet to record anything you want to say. With a microphone and speaker set up, you’ll never have to worry about missing any important information or forgetting what you’re saying again.

And if you’re doing an interview or recording a video, dictation will also make sure that your voice doesn’t get lost in the background noise.

Alternativeto.net ::

AlternativeTo.net is an incredible website that serves as a library of alternatives to an abundance of different programs, software products and services. Offering a range of tools which allow users to compare various pieces of software on the internet, AlternativeTo.net is great for those looking to find an equivalent alternative to what they currently have, or just try something new altogether. From web browsers and media players, through to business and operating systems, this site has it all! It also features user reviews so you can get feedback from other people who’ve tried out specific alternate solutions available on the website. Overall, AlternativeTo.net provides a great service for anyone wanting to get the most out of their digital experience.

alternativeto.net is a simple site to replace your default search engine with a better one.

It’s built to save you time and make the internet easier to use. It’s completely free and open source, so it’s easy for anyone to setup and use.

Pixlr.com ::

Pixlr.com is a free photo editor that lets you easily improve your photos, no matter the platform. With Pixlr, you can crop, add filters and effects, and even adjust the brightness, contrast and color balance of your pictures. You can drag-and-drop images into the app directly from your camera roll or import them from social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Pixlr also provides access to a variety of other tools that make it easy to transform your images into works of art.

Pixlr.com is a great online image editing website that gives users the creative freedom to make powerful edits, or just minor tweaks, to digital images. This free web-based platform also supports layer functionality, which opens doors for creativity and control over different elements of the images. It allows you to adjust brightness and contrast settings, add text and shapes to your photograph, apply filters, remove unwanted objects from a portrait and much more – all with an intuitive user interface.

What makes Pixlr unique is that it requires no learning curve; you can learn how to work its powerful features in minutes so you get the most out of it quickly. With high-end features such as support for many file types and add-ons such as Collage Creator Pro and Image Editor Pro available as additional in-app purchases, Pixlr has become one of the go-to tools for professional graphic designers worldwide.

Unsplash.com ::

Unsplash.com is an incredible resource for finding quality stock photos. Launched in 2013, the website has amassed a large library of over one million beautiful photographs taken by creatives from around the world. The great thing about Unsplash is that all of its images are completely free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes – a huge bonus when it comes to creating designs, websites or presentations without spending a cent!

It’s also incredibly easy to navigate, with simple search features and categorization capabilities so you can quickly find the perfect image without wasting time trawling through pictures.

Last but not least, they provide exposure and recognition for independent photographers which makes them an ideal platform to delve into creative photography projects and get recognition for your work.

Jotform.com ::

Jotform.com is an all-in-one platform for building online forms, surveys and questionnaires. It makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful forms in minutes. The drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to customize forms of all kinds, from static long surveys to interactive multiple choice forms and quizzes.

Plus, the powerful data visualization tools turn submitted responses into insights quickly and easily. Features like branching logic, piping answers between pages or sending out automatic emails help automate field work and make mundane tasks a breeze. All in all, Jotform.com makes form creation fun, fast and stress free.

Content Edge ::

Lexica.art is a wonderful platform designed to enable and connect art lovers, collectors and dealers. It provides users with the opportunity to discover works of art from all around the globe, while also offering innovative tools to trade, interact and find what they’re looking for faster.

Through easy-to-use filters such as artist name and location, you can easily search for pieces of interest and stay informed about the latest arrivals through the global digital gallery.

Its simple interface offers a smooth and secure experience for those interested in collecting, trading or just learning more about art. Lexica.ar’s mission is clear: to use technology to spread passion and knowledge within the art world!

Prisma-ai.com ::

Prisma-ai.com is a platform that utilizes state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology to turn your photos into works of art. It uses neural networks and deep learning techniques to analyze images and identify different objects, textures, and colors, then converts the image into stunning pieces of art reminiscent of classic artwork like Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

This unique process can be used by anyone with a smartphone or digital camera – all they have to do is upload the photograph taken, select an artistic style from Prisma’s vast library, apply any settings or adjustments, and finally save it as a new work of art created by AI.

The results are often amazing, creating a completely new artistic experience with just a few clicks!

Autodraw.com ::

Autodraw.com is a great website for those looking to get creative with images quickly and easily. It uses intelligent technology to let users draw basic shapes and then enhance their drawings with different colors, patterns and textures.

You can also add text or even upload images of your own to further customize the design. The interface is intuitive and the resulting artwork looks professional and polished, so it’s perfect for those who just want to make something beautiful without getting into complex software.

Whether you’re using it for business, school projects or just brushing up on your drawing skills, Autodraw has plenty of features ready-made to make sure you get the look you have in mind.

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