Google launches in-video search and multi-search in India.

google multi-search and in-video search

Google said today that it is expanding its multi-search capability, which enables users to do text-and-image searches simultaneously, to India. The functionality will be accessible in English starting today, with Hindi support coming later, the firm said during the Google for India event on Monday.

Users may now search for items using both text and images thanks to the new functionality.

Users will be able to hunt up gowns using that pattern by adding words, such “dress,” to a picture of a garment pattern, for instance. The business originally introduced Multisearch in April, then in October it became accessible to users in the US. Separately, the dominant search engine said that it will also enable users to search within YouTube videos.

In addition to a number of announcements and launches for and by Google India, the Google for India event yesterday featured a meeting between the CEO of the internet giant, Sundar Pichai, and Ashwini Vaishnav, the Minister of Railways, Communications, and Electronics and Information Technology.

Google has announced the launch of “in-video search” and “multi-search” features in India. These features will allow users to search for content within a video or across multiple videos on YouTube.

In-video search will enable users to find videos by typing queries into the search box at the bottom of a video window. It is expected that this feature will be helpful for those who are looking for specific moments or information from a video, such as a song name, actor name, or dialogue from a movie. The Multi-search feature enables users to find content across YouTube channels by searching for keywords.

Google is making a lot of changes to its services in India. They announced that they are launching in-video search and multi-search in India.

In-video search will allow users to find videos by using voice commands, which is a great feature for people who are watching videos on their phones while they are doing other things.

Multi-search will allow users to search for content on YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Photos all at once.

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