Welcome guys, today i tell’s about a website www.ourkarigar.com which is provide the free online home/office services.

This is work like zomato such a zomato provide you online food same this website work but difference is that this website provide Technician which is expert and certified/verified. Concept of this website is to solve the daily life problem facing by public or its costumer.  This website provide the following services like plumber, karigar, carpenter, painter, electrician , glass, tiles or flooring, car mantantace, r.o services, and many more.For many information you can visit this website on click www.ourkarigar.com 

and you can also download there app from play store.
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About this Website

ourkarigar.com is a trusted community market place where people and business can get skilled & verified karigars for completing their task at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. Our aim is to enrich the life of customer by providing outstanding online customer services and technical expertise, through our highly professional and experienced verified workforce.


Invented to facilitate: enhance the people life by providing trusted and beneficial online services platform, to solve the problem.

WHY you use this website 

New karigar are thoroughly screened. Before Registered, they are subject to a background investigation, including employment history, Nadra verification. Residence verification, Reference verification, shop verification, mobile verification.


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