Wipro NLTH Syllabus 2019 – 2020 | Students should observe following point to crack wipro exam…..

Wipro Elite NLTH Syllabus
Wipro conducts a talent hunt exam for the 2020 batch talented students which is ” Elite Hunt Exam “. Wipro  conduct this online test through AMCAT  and there is no negative marking for this exam, the detailed Wipro National Talent Hunt 2020 Syllabus and breakdown, cut off etc can be found on this page.
Wipro Elite NLTH Online test Syllabus 2019 by AMCAT consists of 5 sections :
  • Online Test ( Quants +Verbal + logical )
  • Essay Writing
  • Coding
Students should observe the below points. 
1. There is no negative marking
2. Students can toggle between the 2 coding questions, but not between the aptitude questions

Quants 15 20 min Medium 70 %
Logical 15 20 min Hard 70 %
English 15 20 min Medium 75 %
Essay Writing 1 20 min High 80 %
Coding 2 60 min High 80 %

Wipro Elite Syllabus

1.Aptitude Test

This Aptitude test will have a duration of 1 hour. Your verbal and analytical aptitude are tested in this round. This round is further divided into three sections.
Verbal Ability:
This section is to test your skills in the English language. Questions will be asked on the following topics: 
  1. Vocabulary 
  2. Grammar
  3. Reading Comprehension 
Check our blog for practice questions Wipro Elite Verbal Ability Questions
Logical Reasoning
This section tests the candidate’s logical and analytical skills. The below-given topics are questioned on in this section. 
  1. Deductive Reasoning 
  2. Inductive Reasoning
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Quantitative Aptitude
This section tests the candidate’s mathematical ability. The topics are: 
  1. Basic Mathematics 
  2. Applied mathematics
  3. Engineering Mathematics
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2. Wipro Coding Questions from Below Topics

There will be a few changes in this year’s programming test of Wipro to previous year’s test pattern. Candidates can choose from two programs given for coding. They can choose any one of the programming languages among Java, C, C++ or Python.
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The syllabus to be followed for this section is: 
Data Structure Concepts
  • Arrays and Matrices 1 D Array
  • Array Rotations
  • Arrangements and Rearrangements of elements in an array
  • Properties of matrices
  • Inverting matrices
  • Transpose of a matrix
  • Linked List Basic Operations on Linked list
  • Circular Linked list
  • String Processing and manipulation Basic String operations
  • Pattern searching
  • Stack/ Queue Basic Stack Operations
  • Basic Queue Operations
  • Sorting and searching Linear and Binary Search
  • Various Sorting concepts
Advanced Design and Analysis Techniques
  • Greedy Algorithms Activity-Selection Problem
  • Fractional Knapsack
  • Minimum Spanning Trees Kruskal
  • Prim
  • String Matching Naïve String-matching algorithm
  • Divide and Conquer Sorting Algorithms
  • Binary search
  • Computational Geometry Line-Segment properties
  • The intersection of the line segment

Written Communication Test

In this section, candidates are asked to write an essay within a duration of 20 minutes. This is the last round of selection in the round of Aptitude.  To know how to write essay check our blog on Wipro Essay Writing Tips
Upon selection in the Online Assessment, candidates will be required to go through Technical Interview followed by HR interview. Online assessment will be held in the mid of November. 

Technical Interview

The technical interview is the first face to face interaction a student will be having with the recruiters. The students who are qualified in the written test are selected for the technical interview. Questions related to the coding languages, and technical subjects are asked. For Technical Interview Questions check our blog on Wipro Elite Technical Questions

HR Interview

Next comes the HR round, where the student is tested on his/her attitude and communication skills. This round is crucial as how much ever capable the student can be in the subject, his communication skills and analytical knowledge is the last deciding factor in the HR round. To know more about this round and how to face it, check the blogs on Personal Interviews in Conduira Online.

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