Android Career Scope, Android Syllabus why when how it is useful for app developer.

A ndroid

Career Scope

The Android platform today has built outstanding careers in technology innovation and application development .

The platform has the backing of innovation giant Google. It’s open source, the scope to learn and work is infinite.

As you pass out school and become a University student, you can start learning Android. If you are an IT student, it is not hard for you to learn Android. The day when you start learning Android, ideas about Mobile Application Technology comes directly to your mind.

This platform creates superstar developers who can think differently and who can build small & heavy applications quickly.
A ndroid

1st Module:
  1. JAVA Concepts
2nd Module:
  1. SQL
3rd Module:
  1. Introduction to Android
4th Module:
  1. Application Structure (in detail)
5th Module:
  1. Emulator-Android Virtual Device
6th Module:
  1. Basic UI design
7th Module:
  1. Preferences
8th Module:
  1. Menu
9th Module:
  1. Intents (in detail)
10th Module:
  1. UI design
11th Module:
  1. Tabs and Tab Activity
12th Module:
  1. Styles & Themes
13th Module:
  1. Content Providers
14th Module:
  1. Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool
15th Module:
  1. Linkify
16th Module:
  1. Adapters and Widgtes
17th Module:
  1. Notifications
18th Module:
  1. Custom components
19ty Module:
  1. Threads
20ty Module:
  1. Advanced

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